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FTL / LTL / OTR Brokerage

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What is brokerage?

     Brokerage or brokerage service is the arranging of transportation or the phsyical movement of a motor vehicle or propoerty.  It can be performed on behalf of a motor carrier, consignor or consignee.  

What is a freight broker?

     A freight broker is a middleman who connects shippers and carriers.  Freight brokers are also known as "truck broker," "transportation brokers," and "property brokers."  

  MBF Transportation has the ability to move your freight as a broker or through brokerage.  

     We have over 5000 qualified broker carriers in our data base that allow us to utilize their services to get your freight moved and delivered.    Whether it be a full truck load (FTL)  move or just 1 pallet (LTL), MBF Transportation can move your freight efficiently and on time at a competitive price you cannot refuse.

     We are the perfect size with seamless performance.  We are committed to providing a quality service allowing you to know that your transportation needs are handled in a seamless, trouble-free manner.

***If you are interested in becoming a freight sales agent or broker, please visit out opportunities page for more information.***

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 We are the perfect size with seamless performance.

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